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Welcome to Save The Pit Bulls
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Information  What's New?: (Last Updated: 09/29/2008)  Information

Additional Updates: Along with all the new updates above we also made several more small updates. All the pages have been re-'tagged' for our search engine so your searches will be more accurate. The Banner Exchange is now up and running after being broken for 4 months (we had no idea it was down), so if you want to exchange links with us, please feel free to do so. We now have a Positive Press section that includes articles, essays, papers, videos, that show pit bulls in a different light than your used to them being shown in. We also have a Moving Section which has several links to places that offer pet-friendly housing to help you find a new home for you and your pet. The Rescues Section is finally up and running. You can browse the full information for over 30 rescues in America and Canada. The Anatomy page has also been updated with a lot more information. Most of the pages on the site received small informational updates, so you should just browse around and check it all out! If your looking to kill some time check out our Pit Bull Games section and play some of our games or use our Dog Age Calculator to figure out how old your dog is! Thank you for visiting!

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Navigating this Site: The Navigation bar is at the top of the site directly underneath the banner and its divided in to categories. Information is where all our informational pages are located, Connections is where our links and connections are at (some pages are on this site, some will be located on other sites), Media is where all the media related pages are - you can find most of our media on the Positive Press page (media is considered pictures, stories, papers, essays, articles, videos, etc.), and finally Misc. is where I put everything I couldn't categorize. Like the dog age calculator, f.a.q./help, and links to Save The Pit Bulls on MySpace! You'll notice, if you've been here before, that all the links to video pages and to some pictures and other stuff have been removed, that's because they all fall under the Positive Press category so just check out our Positive Press page. If you can't find anything else, just search for it. Look at the results of the search and the title of the page to figure out if that page is your best bet for finding the information your looking for. There are also links to certain pages on this site at the very bottom of every page. You can also check out our Site Map to see a listing of most of the pages contained on this site.

About This Site: This site was created to inform people of the truth about Pit Bulls. They're not mean, evil, or vicious creatures but very caring, energetic, and loving dogs. I've put a lot of time and effort into researching and creating this site, so feel free to browse around all you want.  If you have any problems, questions, or there is anything you want to say or let me know, feel free to tell me by going to our Contact Us page. Thanks for visiting.

If you have any questions or need help please check our F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)/Help Section first.